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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Prevalence and trends of metabolic syndrome among adults in the asia-pacific region: a systematic reviewMathangasinghe, Yasith; Ranasinghe, P.; Jayawardena, R.; Hills, A. P.; Misra, A.
2018Anatomical landmarks to locate the junction between transverse and sigmoid sinuses in translabyrinthine and retrosigmoid open surgical approachesMathangasinghe, Yasith; Samaranayake, U.M.J.E.; Silva, S.S.A.; Prematilaka, H.C.; Perera, M.H.S.; Shantha, S.S.W.
2017Morphological variations of the human ejaculatory ducts in relation to the prostatic urethraMathangasinghe, Yasith; Malalasekera, Ajith Peiris; Sivasuganthan, K.; Sarangan, S.; Thaneshan, K.; Gunasekera, Chathuri Lakshani; Mallawaarachchi, Sudaraka; Nanayakkara, Nuwan Dayananda; Anthony, D. J.; Ediriweera, D.
2019Pigmented border as a new surface landmark for digital nerve blocks: a cross sectional anatomical studyAnthony, D.J.; Mathangasinghe, Yasith; Samaranayake, U.M.; Basnayake, B.M.; Malalasekara, Ajith P.
2019Novel anthropometric parameters to define obesity and obesity-related disease in adults: a systematic reviewJayawardena, Ranil; Ranasinghe, Priyanga; Ranathunga, Thilina; Mathangasinghe, Yasith; Wasalathanththri, Sudharshani; Hills, Andrew P
2019Communication failures in surgery in the Asia Pacific region: a systematic reviewSamaranayake, U.M.J.E.; Mathangasinghe, Yasith; Perera, N.D.; Wijesuriya, L.I.; Gunaratne, N.J.D.L.
2018Preserving the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve during submandibular region surgery: a cadaveric safety studyMathangasinghe, Yasith; Anthony, Dimonge Joseph; Basnayake, Oshan Deshanjana; Malalasekera, Ajith Peiris
2018Neuroregeneration, neurodegeneration and brain recovery following ischaemic stroke: a comparative review of animal models and humansMathangasinghe, Yasith
2019Primary Ewing's sarcoma of the kidney presenting with left-sided varicoceleSamarathunga, D.R.; Mathangasinghe, Yasith; Jayawickrama, M. A.; Banagala, A. S. K.
2019Revisiting the anatomical basis of varicoceleSamaranayake, U.M.J.E.; Mathangasinghe, Yasith; Malalasekara, Ajith P.