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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Measurements of lightning peak currents in the first return stroke of negative cloud to ground flashesSonnadara, D.U.J.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Liyanage, J.P.; Fernando, I.M.K.
2001Performance Comparison between the Magnetic Direction Finding Technique and the Time of Arrival TechniqueSonnadara, D.U.J.; Edirisinghe, C.M.; Fernando, I.M.K.
2002Effect of distance on the measurement of multiplicity and peak currents of lightning direction finding systemsSonnadara, D.U.J.; Liyanage, J.P.; Edirisinghe, C.M.; Fernando, I.M.K.
2000A comparison between some characteristics between positive and negative cloud to ground flashes observed in Sri Lanka and their seasonal variationsSonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Liyanage, J.P.
2001A simulation study on the correction of the systematic errors in a network of magnetic direction finding networkSonnadara, D.U.J.; Liyanage, J.P.; Fernando, I.M.K.
2010Analysis of Lightning activities over Sri Lanka using Satellite dataPerera, M.M.; Sonnadara, D.U.J.
2001Some characteristics of cloud to ground lightning obtained with lightning direction finding systems in Sri LankaSonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Liyanage, J.P.
1999On the accuracy of locating lightning ground flashes using two or more direction finding stationsSonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Namasivayam, S.; Jayaratne, K.P.S.C.; Bandara, K.R.A.; Lelwala, R.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Gomes, C.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2001Construction of a High Speed Buffer Amplifier to Measure Lightning Generated Vertical Electric FieldsSonnadara, D.U.J.; Edirisinghe, C.M.; Fernando, I.M.K.