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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010National Prevalence of Obesity: Prevalence of overweight and obesity in Sri Lankan adultsKatulanda, P.; Jayawardena, M.A.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Constantine, G.R.; Matthews, D.R.
2007Metabolic syndrome among adults in Sri Lanka- urbanization snd sedentary lifestyles driving the epidemicKatulanda, P.; Perera, G.L.R.S.; Karunaratne, K.G.N.S.; Karunaratne, K.G.N.S.; Constantine, G.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2007Smoking among adults in Sri Lanka -Facts and figuresWickramasinghe, W.A.K.K.; Karunaratne, K.G.N.S.; Perera, G.L.R.S.; Ganegoda, U.A.; Silva, A.; Katulanda, P.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Constantine, G.R.
2000Incidence of cough with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in Sri Lankan populationHewamanne, B.S.L.; Constantine, G.R.; Liyanarachchi, T.; Rajapakse, S.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2009Cardiac ischaemia and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in electrocardiographs (ECGs) and their correlates among Sri Lankan adultsCaldera, T.S.K.R.D.; Liyanage, I.K.; Herath, H.R.I.S.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Katulanda, P.
2009Association of body height with diabetes, blood pressure and metabolic syndrome among Sri Lankan adultsRanasinghe, P.; Jayawardena, M.A.N.A.A.D.; Ganegoda, U.A.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Katulanda, P.
2009Ethnic and province specific prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka diabetes and cardiovascular studyRanasinghe, P.; Kulatunga, A.V.S.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Katulanda, P.
2009Prevalence and correlates of hypertension in Sri LankaKatulanda, P.; De Vas Gunawardena, A.N.P.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.
2008Alcohol consumption among adults in Sri Lanka - prevalence, pattern and underlying factorsKarunaratne, K.G.N.S.; Wickramasinghe, K.; Katulanda, P.; Mahesh, J.G.; Rathnapala, D.A.V.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2010Prevalence and patterns of dyslipidaemia among adult Sri LankansHerath, H.R.I.S.; Katulanda, P.; Matthews, D.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Constantine, G.R.; De Vas Gunawardena, A.N.P.; Katulanda, G.W.