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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Pesticide poisoning in the developing world--a minimum pesticides listEddleston, M.; Karalliedde, L.; Buckley, N.A.; Fernando, R.; Hutchinson, G.; Isbister, G.; Konradsen, F.; Murray, D.; Piola, J.C.; Senanayake, N.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Singh, S.; Siwach, S.B.; Smit, L.
2005Differences between organophosphorus insecticides in human self-poisoning: a prospective cohort studyEddleston, M.; Eyer, P.; Worek, F.; Mohamed, F.; Senarathna, L.; von Meyer, L.; Juszczak, E.; Hittarage, A.; Azhar, S.; Dissanayake, W.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Szinicz, L.; Dawson, A.H.; Buckley, N.A.
2003Deaths due to absence of an affordable antitoxin for plant poisoning.Eddleston, M.; Senarathna, L.; Mohamed, F.; Buckley, N.A.; Juszczak, E.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Ariaratnam, C.A.; Rajapakse, S.; Warrell, D.A.; Rajakanthan, K.
2007Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of multiple and single dose activated charcoal for acute self-poisoningEddleston, M.; Juszczak, E.; Buckley, N.A.; Senarathna, L.; Mohammed, F.; Allen, S.; Dissanayake, W.; Hittarage, A.; Azher, S.; Jeganathan, K.; Jayamanne, S.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Warrell, D.A.
2007The hazards of gastric lavage for intentional self-poisoning in a resource poor locationEddleston, M.; Haggalla, S.; Reginald, K.; Sudarshan, K.; Senthilkumaran, M.; Karalliedde, L.; Ariaratnam, C.A.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Warrell, D.A.; Buckley, N.A.
2008Predicting outcome using Butyrylcholinesterase activity in organophosphorus pesticide self-poisoningEddleston, M.; Eyer, P.; Worek, F.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Buckley, N.A.
2003Influence of pesticide regulation on acute poisoning deaths in Sri LankaRoberts, D.M.; Karunarathna; Buckley, N.A.; Manuweera, G.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Eddleston, M.
2004Acute Human Self-Poisoning with the N-Phenylpyrazole Insecticide Fipronil -A GABAA-Gated Chloride Channel BlockerMohamed, F.; Senarathna, L.; Percy, A.; Abeyewardene, M.; Eaglesham, G.; Cheng, R.; Azher, S.; Hittarage, A.; Dissanayake, W.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Davies, W.; Buckley, N.A.; Eddleston, M.
2006Patterns of hospital transfer for self-poisoned patients in rural Sri Lanka: implications for estimating the incidence of self-poisoning in the developing worldEddleston, M.; Sudarshan, K.; Senthilkumaran, M.; Reginald, K.; Karalliedde, L.; Senarathna, L.; De Silva, D.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Buckley, N.A.; Gunnell, D.
2004Speed of initial atropinisation in significant organophosphorus pesticide poisoning -a systematic comparison of recommended regimens.Eddleston, M.; Buckley, N.A.; Checketts, H.; Senarathna, L.; Mohamed, F.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Dawson, A.H.