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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Enhancing Contemporary Teaching Skills to Address the Changing Role of Teachers as a Result of the Long-Term Social Impacts of the Covid-19 PandemicHummelt, S.; Vithanapathirana, M.
2020EduTec Implementation in a global higher education network. Empirical data from a field study in South AsiaVithanapathirana, M.; Jalilov, O.; Köhler, T.; Karunanayaka, S. P.; Hummel, S.; Sheehan, B.
2019An innovation in Career Guidance in Higher education: Effectiveness and Sustainability of Institutionalization of Service Learning in the University of ColomboUdagama, P.; Wijayanama, C.; Vithanapathirana, M.
2021Blended Learning as an Emerging Approach to Teacher Education in Higher Education in Sri Lanka: Lessons from a State-of-the-Art ReviewVithanapathirana, M.
2020The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic on ‘Right To Health’. Implications of Free Health-Care Vs. Health-Care Insurance Schemes: A Comparative AnalysisAmarasinghe, Kusal
Dec-2020Importance of Using Electronic Means to obtain Information under RTI Act – Special Reference to COVID 19 PandemicMadhushan, Dumindu
2022Right to be Free from Degradation of the Environment in Sri Lanka: A Review of the Chunnakam Power Station CaseAmarasinghe, Kusal
2021The shape of war in the 21st century: An analysis of the challenges posed by the contemporary armed conflicts with reference to international humanitarian lawAmarasinghe, Kusal
2022Jurisprudence from Natural, Positive and Realistic PerspectivesThilakarathna, K A A N
2004The investigation in to merozoite surface protein-1 vaccination in a natural simian host-parasite systemAmaratunga, Chanaki