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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Work-related complaints of arm, neck and shoulder among computer office workers in an Asian country: prevalence and validation of a risk-factor questionnaireRanasinghe, P.; Perera, Y.S.; Lamabadusuriya, D.A.; Kulatunga, S.; Jayawardana, N.; Rajapakse, S.; Katulanda, P.
2011Patterns of resting heart rate and its cor relates among Sri Lankan adultsWeerathunga, D.; Liyanage, I.K.; Ganegoda, U.A.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, R.; Matthews, D.R.; Katulanda, P.
2008Prevalence and phenotype characterstics of latent autoimmune diabetes in adulthood (LADA) and type 1 diabetes among young adults in Sri LankaKatulanda, P.; Shine, B.; Katulanda, G.W.; Mahesh, J.G.; Silva, A.; Ganegoda, U.A.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Somasundaram, N.; Wijesuriya, M.; Matthews, D.R.
2008Development and validation of a risk score for targeted screening of prevalent diabetes among adults in Sri LankaKatulanda, P.; Hill, N.; Thilakarathne, K.W.A.S.; Mahesh, J.G.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.
2006The diabetes epidemic in Sri Lanka - a growing problemKatulanda, P.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.
2010Apolipoproteins in diabetes dyslipidaemia in South Asians with young adult-onset diabetes: distribution, associations and patternsKatulanda, G.W.; Katulanda, P.; Adler, A.I.; Peiris, S.R.; Draisey, I.; Wijeyaratne, S.M.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Shine, B.
2008Diabetes mellitus among young adults in Sri Lanka- role of GAD antibodies in classification and treatment: The Sri Lanka Young Diabetes studyKatulanda, P.; Shine, B.; Katulanda, G.W.; Silva, A.; Asfir, E.L.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Somasundaram, N.; Long, A.E.; Bingley, P.J.; McCarthy, M.I.; Clark, A.; Matthews, D.R.
2010National Prevalence of Obesity: Prevalence of overweight and obesity in Sri Lankan adultsKatulanda, P.; Jayawardena, M.A.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Constantine, G.R.; Matthews, D.R.
2007Diabetes due to the mt3243 A>G mutation among young adult diabetic subjects in Sri Lanka - prevalence and clinical heterogeneityKatulanda, P.; Silva, A.; Mahesh, J.G.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; McCarthy, M.I.; Gloyn, A.L.
2006Retinopathy among young adult diabetic subjects - preliminary data from the Sri Lanka young diabetes studyKatulanda, P.; Mahesh, J.G.; Wljesinghe, N.P.; Silva, M.A.U.; Asfir, E.L.; Sheriff, M.H.R.