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Title: Knowledge of the school teachers regarding the school health programme, factors associated and health promoting activities in schools in the Negombo MOH area
Authors: Dabrera, T.M.E
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: MSc. (Community Medicine)
Abstract: A cross-sectional study with a qualitative component was carried out to assess the knowledge of the school teacher regarding the School Health, Programme and School Health Promotion, to describe health promoting activities in schools and to identify constraints faced by schoolteachers when implementing the programme in the Negombo MOH area. Knowledge regarding concepts of School Health Promotion was adequate in the majority. Statistically significant associations were seen between knowledge and age, years of service, type of school and educational qualifications. Some concepts of School Health Promotion in th4 practical context were poorly understood by the teachers. Majority of schools with good facilities provide more opportunities for health promotional activities than schools with poor facilities. However, community participation is more in schools with poor facilities. Constraints faced by school teachers during implementation of the School Health Programme are time, resources, staff support, community participation and coordination between health and education sectors. Poor transport and communication problems also emerged as constraining factors. Knowledge of the school teacher regarding School health should be improved and resources for schools should be provided to promote health
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