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Title: Use of amphibians as environmental markers for eco immunotoxicological studies in Sri Lanka:A preliminary study.
Other Titles: 15 th International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Pp64-65.
Authors: Madushani, W A N
Wickramasinghe, D D
Udagama-Randeniya, P V
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Ilxg nere treated with concentration series of vermiwash and pH, Electrical Conductiyity (ECt Td f,tissslved solid (TDS), Nitrate content (NC), Phosphate conlent.(PC), Gross Primary-?rodtEriifrr l6pp) and Chlorophyl[ Content (CC) were *.*rt.d once a fortnight for ten weeks' We found tl EC. TDS, NC, PC, GPP and cc datawere significantly different (P<0'05) in different treatmenrs d in different weeks. EC, TDS, NC and PC;f different treatment tanks were !ry?olionut m L concentration of vermiwash. Tire Gpp and CC were significantly reduced in the 100o/o,.75% ard jffi E€atment tanks. Higher concentrations ( I 00%, 7 5% e, 50%) of vermiwash might be harmfirl to - survival of planktons and can be used a. an algal controller liquid' Hence' preparation of vermin'a*i an organic waste treatment method and relevant to treat eutrophicated polluted ponds'
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