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Title: Conifeiyl alcohol oxidase - a catechol oxidase?
Authors: Udagama-Randeniya, Preethi V.
Savidge, Rodney A.
Keywords: Pinus strobus L
Cell wall
Polyphenol oxidase
Tracheid differentiation
Wood formation
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Springer
Citation: 37
Abstract: The physico-chemical properties of coniferyl alcohol oxidase (CAO), a copper containing glycoprotein spatiotemporally associated with lignification in conifers, is reported here. By electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, only type 3 copper was indicated in CAO. CAO oxidizes several laccase substrates; however, it is not a blue-copper protein and monoclonal antibodies against both native and deglycosylated CAO did not recognize any of several laccases. The N-terminal sequence of CAO, H2N-X E L A Y S P P Y X P S, was non-homologous with known enzymes. Transparent copper, tetrameric structure, aminoacid composition, phenylhydrazine and tropolone inhibition, and SDS enhancement of CAO activity indicate that CAO is an o-diphenol oxidase.
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