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Title: Automated Rain Sampler for Real time pH and Conductivity Measurements
Authors: Weerasinghe, R.
Pannila, A.S.
Jayananda, M.K.
Sonnadara, D.U.J.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IPSL
Citation: Proceedings of the 31st Technical Session (IPSL), 39-44 (2015)
Abstract: To monitor the acidity of rain water in real time, a rain water sampling system was developed. The rain sampler detects the initial rain after a dry spell and collects a water sample. Before performing the measurements, the pH probe is calibrated using a standard buffer solution whereas the conductivity probe is calibrated using deionized water. After calibrating the probes the pH and the conductivity of the collected rain water sample are measured using the pH and the conductivity probe. Weather parameters such as air temperature, humidity and pressure are also recorded simultaneously. The pH and conductivity measurement data including weather parameters are transmitted to central station using a GSM modem for further analysis. The collected rain water sample is preserved at the remote monitoring station for post chemical analysis. A programmable logic controller controls the entire process.
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