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Title: A Model of Employee Engagement for Service Organisations
Authors: Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Jayasinghe, C. B.
Keywords: Employee Engagement
Service Organisations
Emotional Labour
Psychological Well-being
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: 12th International Human Resource Management Conference, India, 2012
Citation: Jayasinghe, C. B. & Kailasapathy, P. (2012, December). A model of employee engagement for service organisations. A paper presented at the 12th International Human Resource Management Conference, India.
Abstract: This paper aims to develop a model of the recently introduced concept of employee engagement for service organizations. By introducing the concept of employee engagement for service organizations, this article proposes that employee engagement is more likely to be sustainable when employee psychological well-being is high for service agents who are called as ‘emotional labour’. The stress theory and conservation of resources theory are used to justify the relationship between emotional labour and employee engagement. Personality and job resources are proposed as moderators when developing this model and the social exchange theory provides the rationale for using job resources in this model.
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