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Title: Global Leadership Development through Transformational Leadership and Psychological Empowerment: A Study in Multinational Companies in Sri Lanka
Authors: Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Wijewantha, P
Keywords: Global Leadership Development
Transformational Leadership
Psychological Empowerment
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: 2nd Global Conference on IHRM o, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2015
Citation: Wijewantha, P. & Kailasapathy, P. (2015, May). Global leadership development through transformational leadership and psychological empowerment: A study in multinational companies in Sri Lanka. A paper presented at the 2nd Global Conference on IHRM organized and held at Pennsylvania State University, USA.
Abstract: This study addresses the said problem ‘why high potentials do not demonstrate the competencies of globally competent leaders?’ In doing so, on the basis of transformational leadership theory, it uses the transformational leadership of line managers as a predictor of global leadership competencies of high potentials. Furthermore, it is proposed that the above relationship is mediated by Psychological Empowerment (PE) based on PE theory and both propositions are supported by the data. Primary data on which study is based were collected using questionnaires developed with standard measures from a sample of 158 dyads of high potentials and their respective line managers working in multinational companies in Sri Lanka. Both propositions were supported by the data. Study makes immense contributions to the theory and practice in the fields of leadership, management, International Human Resource Management, talent management, Human Resource Development, and Organizational Behavior.
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