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Title: Stress Among Undergraduates: A case study of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Authors: Mahees, M.T.M.
Keywords: Higher Education, Undergraduates, Stress.
Issue Date: May-2020
Citation: International Educational Applied Research Journal (IEARJ)Volume 04, Issue 05, May 2020E-ISSN: 2456-6713
Abstract: The main objective of this study is to investigate the academic, personal, socio-cultural and economic factors that cause or increase stress among university students, in Sri Lanka. An explorative and qualitative methodology was adopted for the study. Undergraduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Arts, Education, and Management of the University of Colombo are selected as the sample. Twenty semi-structured interviews and four focus group discussions were used as data collection tools based on purposive sampling. The data were analyzed qualitatively based on themes and narration of respondents. Internal academic workload and different personal relationships as well as external socio-economic and political dynamics always create and increase the preconditions for stress among undergraduates. There some leading factors that directly and subjectively cause and increase the stress among undergraduates of the University of Colombo. They are (1) Academic workload, (2) Economic hardships, (3) Personal relationships, (4) Ragging or collective students’ behavior, (5) Hostel life, (6) Cultural shock or pressure. However, these causes are more or less dependent on the financial status of the student’s family, faculty and course of study, gender imbalance, knowledge of English and Information and Technology. The study was conducted only one university of Sri Lanka due time and access constrains. The study will be useful to understand the issues and challenges faced by university undergraduates and how they lead to stress condition among students. The finding will provide comprehensive knowledge on the personal grievances of students and differences among the students in terms of facilities and opportunities they enjoy in the university life. This study will also generate new knowledge and open platform for critical discussion on students’ stress. The research will be helpful academics and administrators to restructure academic programs to minimize the academic work-related. Universities will promote students’ friendly curriculums by introducing more and more language and technology-based infrastructure. This study will also help to identify the personal and political issues ragging and gender-based violence and they will be solved by university administration.
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