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Title: South Asian Contribution to World Peace: United Nations Peacekeeping
Authors: Melegoda, Nayani
Keywords: Peacekeeping, UN Charter, Capstone doctrine, South Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Resolution 1325
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: A Bi-Annual, Refereed International Publication
Citation: Ganpat University Journal of Applied Research In Social Sciences & Humanities, 3 (2) & 4 (1), 1-13.
Abstract: South Asia’s contribution to world peace is undisputable proven in numbers of peacekeepersdeployed in peacekeeping around the globe. So isSouth Asia’s commitment to Charter of the UnitedNations Organization. Despite the above facts, andthe large numbers of United Nations Peacekeepers inthe field, scholarship on South Asian contribution toworld peace is relatively very little. Also regional cooperation is necessary for better representation ofSouth Asian actors at key decision making level toensure greater regional influence at stakeholdermeetings. This paper discusses the rationales for contribution for UNPKO by South Asian countries. These rationaleswere developed by non - South Asian scholars fortroop contribution by countries. The rationales are,namely the political and security, economic, and normative rationales. The two case studies of India and Sri Lanka elaborate the applicability of the serationales of contribution. South Asia has not explored its fullest potential as troop contributing countries (TCC’s) to UN peacekeeping. The, the over all objective of this paper is to trigger a continuing dialogue on South Asian contribution to UN peacekeeping. The methodology of the research involves utilizing secondary data to develop the arguments
ISSN: 2319-8923
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