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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2011Awareness And Attitude Of Solid Waste Disposal And Water Pollution In Upper Mahaweli Catchment In Sri LankaMahees, M.T.M.; Silva, K .T.
5-Oct-2011Consumption, Solid Waste Generation and Water Pollutionin in Upper Mahaweli Catchment, Sri LankaMahees, M.T.M.; Sivayoganathan, C.; Basnayake, B.F.A.
2011Enhancing the Usage of English medium Reading materials of the Undergraduates of Bachelor of Labour Education(BLE): Initiatives taken by the Institute of Human Resource Advancement(IHRA) University of ColomboRatnayake, R.M.S.N.
2010BOOK REVIEW: Between War and Peace in Sudan and Sri Lanka Deprivation and Livelihood RevivalWijegoonawardana, Nirmali
6-Oct-2011Female Labor Supply and Child Care: In the case of Urban Young Couple with Pre-school ChildrenPremaratne, S.P.
5-Oct-2011Political Economy of Water Pollution in Pinga Oya, Mahaweli RiverMahees, M.T.M.; Sivayoganathan, C.; Basnayake, B.F.A.
4-Oct-2011Economic and Socio-Political Perspectives on Indo-Lanka Transport Connectivity through Ferry ServiceGunaruwan, T. Lalithasiri; Dineka, S.K. Imashi
4-Oct-2011Scope For Effective Energy Conservation Practices In The Information And Communication Technology Industry : A Time Series Examination of a Case from the Sri Lankan Corporate SectorGunaruwan, T. Lalithasiri; Indika, M.G. Nuwan; Gajanayake, Akvan
4-Oct-2011Has the Sri Lankan economic growth been export-led? An Econometric AssessmentGunaruwan, T. Lalithasiri
2011Can the Transport Sector Continue to be a Driver of Economic Activity in Sri Lanka ?Gunaruwan, T. Lalithasiri