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Title: Construction of Telephone Operable Message System
Authors: Hiran H. E. Jayaweera
Lelwala, R.
Keywords: Construction of Telephone Operable Message System
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Proceedings of the T e chnical Sessions, 23 (2007) 77-83 , Institute of Physics – Sri Lanka
Abstract: A password protected, dynam i c LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) m e ssaging board is developed to use with ordinary telephone is discussed in this publication. The device should be connected in parallel to a fixed- line telephone (called host telephone) and can be operated via host telephone itself or any other fixed-line or m obile telephone. After authentication, user can feed a m e ssage by using the built in standard m e ssage list or by typing each character via telephone keypa d. There are 9 standard m e ssages and a standard m e ssage can be extended up to 250 ch aracters and any of the ASCII characters can be used but only capital English letters, 0 to 9 and space are allowed when user feeding his own m e ssage through a telephone keypad.
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