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Title: Server Room Monitoring System Capa ble of Remote Status Querying and Remote Administrating
Authors: Kumara, D.M.D.D.P.
Thiruparan, B.
Hiran H. E. Jayaweera
Ariyaratne, T.R.
Keywords: Server Room Monitoring System Capa ble of Remote Status Querying and Remote Administrating
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 27 (2011) 100-106, Institute of Physics – Sri Lanka
Abstract: Development of a standalone device together with three application software in different platform for server room environment monito ring is reported. The developed hardware is connected to different sensor networks to detect/measure door opening, relative humidity, temperature, flood, power line status. User can de fine critical situation as a function of sensor inputs. In case, a critical situ ation is detected, the system produces warning messages to the stored phone numbers through short messaging service (SMS) and on-site audio visual warnings also produces. The hardware can be operated using the keypad and liquid crystal display (LCD) available on the hardware itself or using web application or using SMS. An application runs on a computer allows the ha rdware to connect to the internet. The data registered in the sensors are uploaded to a web database as a web based data log. A mobile application has been developed to make possible the remote administration through the mobile phone more user-friendly.User in the syst em can be given different credentials, such as operating device, adding new users and chan ging critical situation detection function. The system is capable of the authorizing user th rough password or using iButton (in case of on- site authorization). The main requirements to operate the hardware are power supply (which is battery backed up) and global system for mobile communication (GSM) coverage. The internet connectivity is optional, if connect ed additional functionalities are enabled.
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