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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Parasitic associations of a threatened Sri Lankan rainforest rodent, Mus mayori pococki (Rodentia: Muridae)Ratnaweera, Pamoda B.; Wijesinghe, Mayuri R.; Udagama-Randeniya, Preethi V.
2013Heavy metal pollution and burden of aquatic animal health: A pilot study from an urban wetland in Sri Lanka.Priyadarshani, S; Madushani, W A N; Wickremasinghe, DD; Udagama, P V
2014Artemisia vulgaris L. ethanolic leaf extract reverses thrombocytopenia/ thrombocytosis and averts end-stage disease of experimental severe Plasmodium berghei murine malariaBamunuarachchi, Gayan S.; Ratnasooriya, Wanigasekara D.; Premakumara, Sirimal; Udagama, Preethi V.
2011Evaluation of the genetic diversity of domain II of Plasmodium vivax Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (PvAMA-1) and the ensuing strain-speciļ¬c immune responses in patients from Sri LankaDias, Sajani; Somarathna, Maheshika; Manamperi, Aresha; Escalante, Ananias A.; Gunasekera, Anusha M; Udagama, Preethi V.
2013Population genetic structure of the Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite protein (Pvcsp) in Sri LankaDiasa, Sajani; Wickramarachchi, Thilan; Sahabandu, Imeshi; Escalante, Ananias A.; Udagama, Preethi V.
2011Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding Protein II (PvDBPII) under unstable transmission and low intensity malaria in Sri LankaPremaratne, Prasad H.; Aravinda, B. Ramesh; Escalante, Ananias A.; Udagama, Preethi V.
3-Jan-2010Genetic complexity of Plasmodium vivax infections in Sri Lanka, as reflected at the merozoite-surface-protein-3a locusWICKRAMARACHCHI, T.; PREMARATNE, P. H.; DIAS, S; HANDUNNETTI, S. M.; UDAGAMA-RANDENIYA, P. V.
2010Genetic diversity and recombination at the C-terminal fragment of the merozoite surface protein-1 of Plasmodium vivax (PvMSP-1) in Sri LankaDiasa, Sajani; Longacreb, Shirley; Escalant, Ananias A; Udagama-Randeniya, Preethi V.
2019Selected serum cytokines and nitric oxide as potential multi-marker biosignature panels for Parkinson disease of varying durations: a case-control studyRathnayake, Dilini; Chang, Thashi; Udagama, Preethi
2011An investigation of the antimalarial activity of Artemisia vulgaris leaf extract in a rodent malaria modelKodippili, Kasun; Daya Ratnasooriya, Wanigasekera; Premakumara, Sirimal; Udagama, Preethi V.