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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970Studies on Cardiofilaria nilesi in Experimental ChickensNiles, W.J.; Kulasiri, C.De.S.
1974Pharmacology of some Arthropod Venoms of Sri LankaKottegoda, S.R.
1970Specificity of the Haemagglutination Test for Toxoplasmosis with reference to Infections with Salmonella typhi and Salmonella paratyphiKulasiri, C.De.S.
1970A Rapid Method for the Separation of Protein-Bound and Ionized Calcium in Human Serum and the Establishment of the Clinical Norm for Ceylon SubjectsSentheshanmuganathan, S.; Sachithanandam, S.; Perera, D.J.B.
1969Paragonimus siamensis—the fourth Lung fluke reported from Ceylon.Kannangara, D.W.W.; Karunarathne, G.M.S.
1989Vitamin A and Nutritional Status of Tea Estate Workers during PregnancyAtukorala, T.M.S.; Jayasekera, J.P.D.S.; Perera, R.S.
1969Spread of Infections Hepatitis in the Family Group; a report of biochemical investigationsNagarathnam, N.; Silva, Dawn.F.De.; Sentheshamuganathan, S.; Perera, H.R.; Nagarajah, N.
1989The Prevalence of Goitre in Pregnancy-A Preliminary StudyKatugampola, S.L.
1989Food Consumption Behaviour of Urban Food Stamps Recipients in Sri LankaHersi, D.; Abesekera, W.A.T.; Wikramanayake, T.W.
1989Auxology of Sri Lanka Children, Age 5 to 18 Years: I. Heights, Weights and Growth IncrementsAmarasinghe, S.; Wikramanayake, T.W.
1969Sarcosporidiosis in Goats in CeylonSmaraweera.H.P.
1988Studies on the possible toxicity of Artocarpus heterophyllusFernando, M.R.; Thabrew, M.I.
1969The isolation of a Gram-negative diplococcus similar in morphology to N meningitides and having an antigenic component identical in group-specificity to Group ‘D’ meningococcal agglutinating sera (Wellcome Brand)Selvanathan, P.
1988Some nutritionally important fatty acids in seven varieties of fish eaten in Sri Lanka.Liyanage, D.W.D.; Wikramanayake, T.W.
1988Factors influencing the nutritional status of infants and pre-school children of the urban poor.Wickramasinghe, N.; Gunawardena, D.G.; Wikramanayake, T.W.
1969Occurrence of the lung fluke paragonimus macrorchis Chen, 1962 in CeylonKannangara, D.W.W.
1988Effect of alcohol consumption on the cholesterol content of lipoprotein fractions, with special reference to HDL subfractionsAthukorala, T.M.S.; Perera, S.; Salgado, M.W.; Ramachandran, S.
1969Paratelphusa Ceylonensis and paratelphusa rugosa as crab hosts of the human lung fluke paragonimus westermani (Kerbert,1878) in CeylonKannangara, D.W.W.; Karunaratne, G.N.S.
1973The Serological Diagnosis of Amoebiasis in Ceylon Part I. The Indirect Haemagglutination Test(IHAT)Jayewardene, L.G.; Wijayaratnam, Y.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 286