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Title: Grievances of local commercialbank branch managers: an empirical study of local commercialbank branch managers' perceptionsin colombo district
Authors: Akuratiyagamage, V.M
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: This research study focuses on "Grievances of local Commercial Bank Branch Managers: An Empirical study of Local Commercial Bank Branch Managers' perceptions in Colombo District". Although emphasis is given to the identification of causes and major causes grievances, other related factors such as grievance settlement procedures they resort to and their contentment regarding the current practice of grievance settlement procedures in their banks and reasons for them to adhere to or leave a bank are also investigated. The differences in the causes of grievances and the degree to which groups such as state/private branch managers, Male/female branch managers, age groups and individual commercial banks suffer from grievances are attempted to determine as specific objectives. Most suffered major cause found from the data analysis is further probed. The survey was conducted on a sample of 100 Branch Managers of five selected Local Commercial Banks in Colombo district, using the self-administrated questionnaire method and unstructured interview method. Study data were analysed using quantitative and qualitative techniques and findings were summarized and conclusions were arrived at. The research study reveals that branch managers in all five commercial banks suffer from grievances in different degrees created by the identified causes. In the analysis it was found that the major cause "Job Itself gives the highest suffering to all respondents irrespective of the gender, sector or bank. The major cause "Personnel Management Decisions" was ranked as the cause which second creating grievances but the causes within it give different degrees of suffering to different groups. Further the study differentiates results between state sector and private sector male and female, different age groups, and between individual banks. V
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