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Title: Green Marketing towards Customer Perceived Value Creation: Can Corporate Environmental Commitment Make it Happen?
Authors: Samarasinghe, G.D.
Ahsan, Fazeela Jameel
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Annual research Symposium 2012, University of Colombo
Abstract: Going green has become an important strategic orientation to obtain sustainable development as well as creating customer value because of the popular environmental trends. Strict environmental regulations and popular environmentalism have changed the competitive rules in practices (Porter and van der Linde, 1995). However, deceptive marketing claims have resulted in poor or damaged stakeholder perceptions and distrust in green claims. A stronger integration between the green marketing and environmental commitment of firms can increase the likelihood of overcoming these obstacles which may prevent firms from realizing successful green initiatives and strategies (Crane, 2000). Green based environmental commitment is a major tool to differentiate service and create customer perceived value. However, the present body of knowledge does not conceptually explain how firm’s environmental commitment contributes to green marketing and customer perceived value. Hence, this paper attempts to develop a conceptualization that can elucidate role of the firm’s environmental commitment in influencing green marketing to create customer perceived value.
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