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Title: Groundwater for Sustainable Development - Problems, Perspectives and Challenges
Authors: Piyadasa, Ranjana U. K.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Study area is the Puttalam lagoon area, which is situated in the northwestern region of Republic of Sri Lanka. The study area groundwater exploring from Quaternary and Miocene aquifers and the centerline water intakes are not available. Three types of favorable saline intrusion aquifer systems were identified in the study area. Analyzing the forming of seawater intrusion to water intakes with the pumping and without pumping, considering different densities of salt water, on the basis of analytical solutions. Using the analytical method determine the length of salt water "lens" considering different values of saline and fresh water density. The calculations Indicate, for the definite groundwater gradients being polluted due to sea water intrusion. The analytical solutions can be used for forecasting the seawater Intrusion in the coastal aquifer areas if correct hydrogeological information being available.
ISBN: 978-0-415-40776-
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