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Title: Teratogenic effects of an extract of unripe Mormodica charantia fruit in rats
Authors: Fernandopulle, B.M.R.
Ratnasooriya, W.D.
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Medical Science Research 1999, 27:807-809
Abstract: The objective of this study vas to evaluate an) teratogenic effects of the unnpe fruit extract of Mormodica charantia Linn, on rats when given during mid-pregnancy (days 7-15). The exu^act was adniinisiercd orally in two different concentrations {1 ml/100 g/day or 2 mi/IOOg/day). Vitamin A (15,000 U/kg) was given inlramuscu!ai-iy on days 8, 9 or 10 to serve as a positive controK Several teratogenic parameters were determined in day 20 ictuses. Both doses of the extract increased the number of small-for-dates fetuses and inhibited fetal growth. The lower dose, in addition, induced a shortening of the forearm of the right foreiinib of one fetus, h i conti'ast, vitamin A treatment produced predomini .:ly dwarfed and sniallfor- dates fetuses with external ma!formations (in 10%) and .skeletal abnormalities (in 20%). In adult female rats, the exL^act neither inhibited body weight gain, nor caused haemotoxicily (in terms of leucocyte or platelet counts or clotting tiine) hepatoxicity (in iei-ms of serum S G F r acti\) or nephi'oloxicity (in terms of sennn Na"^ and and crcahnine levels) with chronic administradon (for 26 weeks). We conclude that it is desirable for pregnant women to avoid heavy consumption of unripe M. charaniia fruits in view of possible teratogenic risks.
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