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Title: Studies on the sedative activity of crude extract of root bark of Rauvolfia canescens on rats
Authors: Madawala, P.G.
Arambewela, L.S.R.
Premakumara, G.A.S.
Ratnasooria, W.D.
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: Journal of Ethnopharmacology 42 (1994) 63-65
Abstract: For centuries, Rauvolfia serpentina Benth. (Apocynaceae) roots have been used as hypnotics and sedatives in neuropsychiatric disorders, in anxiety states and in epilepsy (Srivasta, 1978). A closely related species R. canescens L. is found in Sri Lanka, especially in the Benotota area. This plant is reported to contain chemical constituents which are closely related to those found in R. serpentina (Krishnamurthi, 1969). As such it may be possible that R. canescens roots be used as a substitute for R. serpentina in the treatment of the above mentioned diseases. This study was carried out to investigate the possible sedative effects of R. canescens using rat hole board technique (File and Wordwill, 1975.)
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