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Title: genetic profile of 11 autosomal STR loci among the four major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka
Authors: Illeperuma, R.J.
Mohotti, S.N.
De Silva, T.M.
Fernandopulle, N.D.
Ratnasooriya, W.D.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Forensic Science International: Genetics 3 (2009) 105-106
Abstract: Allele frequencies and statistical parameters of forensic interest are presented for 11 autosomal microsatellites (CSFIPO.TPOX, THOl. D16S539, D13S317, D7SS20, F13A. F13B. FESFPS. vWAand LPL) of four ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. A total of 513 unrelated individuals from Sinhalese. Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Tamil and Sri Lankan Moor population groups were included. Sri Lanka is an island with a multiethnic population whose genetic composition has not been previously studied aC the ethnic group level. All the 11 microsatellites were found to be highly polymorphic, with the combined power of exclusion being greater than 0.99999. in all four ethnic groups. Overall data analysis suggests that a single combined genetic database could be used for genetic-based identification purposes for the four ethnic groups.
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