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Title: Stambhana Guna (Checking Property) of Scoparia Dulcis Linn
Authors: Ediriweera, E.R.H.S.S.
Galhena, G.
Liyanage, S.S.P
JAJayakody, J.R.A.C
Hettiarachchi, H.D.I.
Ratnasooriya, W.D.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: AYU- VOL. 29, NO. 2 (2008)
Abstract: Scoparia dulcis Linn (Family: Scrophulariaceae, Sinhala: Wal koththamalli, Sanskrit: Unknown) is a perennial herb, growing in many tropical countries including Sri Lanka. In Sri Lankan traditional medicine, it is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and in unspecified urinary diseases. Therefore, wc thought it may possess Stambhana guna. If it has Stambhana properties, then it should impair mobility and flow of body fluids and thereby, induce Stambhana K r i y a in Mutravaha Srotas (Antidiuretic action), Stambhana K r i y a in Raktavaha Srotas (Haemostatic action) and Stambhana Kriya in Annavaha Srotas (Antidiarrhoeal action). The aim of this study was, therefore, to evaluate whether the decoction of S. dulcis (using several concentrations) possess antidiuretic action (using hydrated assay technique), haemostatic action (using Lee and White method) and antidiarrhoeal action (using castor oil induced diarrhoea) in rats, following oral administration. The results showed that decoction of S. dulcis possess marked antidiuretic (Stambhana Kriya in Mutravaha Srotas), blood clotting (Stambhana Kriya in Raktavaha Srotas) and antidiarrhoeal actions (Stambhana Kriya in Annavaha Srotas). Further, no toxic effects (in terms of overt signs of clinical toxicity, stress, behavioural abnormalities, hepatic or renal toxicity) were evident with subchronic administration of the decoction. It is concluded that Scoparia dulcis has Stambhana property as expected, and may be used in the treatment of Prameha (polyuria), Rakta Pitta (bleeding from different parts of the body) and Atisara (diarrhoea).
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