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Title: In-vitro and In-vivo Antioxidant Activity of High-Grown Sri Lankan Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis L.)
Authors: Abeywickrama, K.R.W.
Amarakoon, A.M.T.
Ratnasooriya, W.D.
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: S.L.J. Tea 5ci. 70 (2) 57-68, 2005
Abstract: The antioxidant potential of high-grown Sri Lankan black tea (BOPF grade, obtained from St Coombs Estate, Talawakelle) was measured in this study. Antioxidant activity was measured both in vitro (radical scavenging activity using DPPH assays and inhibition of lipid peroxidation using TBARS assays) and in vivo (using DPPH assays on rat serum, following oral administration for three months). The study also estimated total polyphenols, caffeine, theaflavin, thearubigin and total catechin levels, and individual levels of five major catechins (EGCG, EGC, ECO, EC and C). ^' The results show that Sri Lankan black tea possesses mild but dose-dependant antioxidant activity in vitro. The in-vivo antioxidant activity was both dose- and time-dependant. The antioxidant activity of serum was elevated only as long as the tea was administered to the rat.
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