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Title: The dialysis and transplant registry of the faculty of medicine kidney transplant programme - an analysis of the first two years
Authors: Nanayakkara, S.
Gunasekera, U.
Rajakanthan, K.
Anapalahan, M.
Sheriff, M.H.R.
Jayasinghe, K.S.A
Issue Date: 1992
Citation: Sri Lanka Medical Association -105th Anniversary Academic Sessions; 1992_.27pp
Abstract: The dialysis and transplant registry was set up to obtain data on prospective kidney transplant recipients and their outcome. All patients referred to the programme who fulfilled the prescribed criteria were registered. These patients were studied with respect to age, sex area of domicile, outcome and funding. One hundred and sixty two patients were registered between 1 January 1990 and 30 November 1991, [118 (72%) males, and 44(27.1%)Females]. Ages ranged from 11 to 79 years with 73% in age group 20-49 years. Majority (52% ) were from the western province. Twenty nine patients (18%) were lost to follow up before starting treatment. Twenty two (13.5%) are waiting to start haemodialysis prior to transplant, 15 (9%) are currently on dialysis, (7 awaiting related transplant in Srilanka and 8 awaiting nonrelated transplant in India. Forty (24.6) died before transplant.Of these 10 died before starting on haemodialysis, 6 abandoned dialysis due to socio economic reasons and 24 died during the dialysis period. Fifty four patients (33%) underwent 55 transplants, (38 had live related transplants in Sri Lanka, and 15 had live non related transplants in India, one each had live related transplant in India and UK). Fifty one of the 54 patients received help from the President's fund. Other sources of funds were personal resources , contributions from employers and fellow workers, and charitable organizations.
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