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Title: User expectation verses user perception of service quality in University libraries: a case study
Authors: Somaratna, Sajeewanie D.
Peiris, Colin N.
Jayasundara, C.C.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: ICULA 2010, Colombo
Abstract: The library as one of the main service organizations in any University the assessment of service quality through user perspectives is very important. It provides a prompt feedback for libraries to assess and improve their services to users. The aim of this research was to measure the desired service expectations and actual service performance of the users of the University of Colombo Library System. As the initial step, 116 different service quality attributes were identified from previous studies done all around the world. Of these 35 attributes which are most appropriate to the Sri Lankan University Libraries were selected by an expert panel evaluation. The selected attributes were incorporated with the SERVQUAL model and a robust instrument was developed to ascertain the views of library users about service levels. This study was conducted during period of May -June 2008 as a user survey in the University of Colombo library system covering the main library and its two branch libraries, Science Faculty Library and the Medical Faculty Library. A total of 614 questionnaires were received indicating 74% overall response rate. Gap analysis was used to determine the service quality gap between desired service expectations and actual service performance. The most important area expected by users was relevance of information received followed by access to electronic journals and adequate lighting in reading areas. The highest performance area was accuracy of information received followed by feel safe and secure in the library and relevance of information received. Access to online journals showed the largest gap between user expectation and performances. The findings of this study give a good insight to improve user satisfaction providing a better service in identified areas.
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