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Title: A cheaper haemodialysis concentrate for Sri Lanka
Authors: Sheriff, M.H.R.
De Mel, W.C.P.
Amarasekera, P.J.
Amarakoon, N.H.P.
Ransi, W.
Issue Date: 1984
Citation: Sri Lanka Medical Association - 97th Anniversary Academic Sessions;1984_.23-24pp
Abstract: The high cost of a haemodialysis procedure has been an important factor in delaying the free availability of these procedure for Sri Lankan renal failure patients. Haemodialysis concentrate has been hither to imported from U.K. In the Department of Medicine laboratory we have successfully prepared from Analar quality elemental chemicals, a haemodialysis concentrate which on, dilution gives the needed solution in the ionic concentration suitable for haemodialysis in Sri Lanka. The table below gives the composition. Dialysis fluid composition mmols/L Na+ - 130 mmols/L K+ - 1.2 mmols/L Ca++ - 1.5 mmols/L The diluted haemodialysis, fluid was found satisfactory with respect to (a) Solubility (b) Molar concentration of Na, K, Cl, Ca, P04 and Hc03. Magnesium level could not be measured. (c) pH. (d) Bacteriology .We conclude that haemodialysis concentrate should be made in Sri Lanka and apart from saving foreign exchange would help significantly in reducing haemodialysis costs.
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