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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Kalamanakarana Thorathuru paddathi (Management Information systems)Karannagoda, Neluka Maduranga
2012Kathak dance in bollywood cinemaPerera, H.A.N.S.
2019A keratinocyte and integrated fibroblast culture model for studying particulate matter-induced skin lesions and therapeutic intervention of fucosterolFernando, I. P. Shanura; Jayawardena, Thilina U.; Kim, Hyun-Soo; Vaas, A.P.J.P.; De Silva, H.I.C.; Nanayakkara, C.M.; Abeytunga, D.T.U.; Lee, WonWoo; Ahn, Ginnae; Lee, Dae-Sung; Yeo, In-Kyu; Jeon, You-Jin
2008Key parameters for the successful implementation of sri lanka's national resettlement policy in an urban contextRupasinghe, S.R.
2008Keys to job satisfaction of nursing officers in Government HospitalsSridharan, S
1991Kidney preservation for cadaver transplantation: a Sri Lankan perspective?De Mel, T.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Sheriffdeen, A.H.; Jayasekera, G.
1986The kidney transplant operationSheriffdeen, A.H.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2009A kidney transplant patient on cyclosporine therapy presenting with dural venous sinus thrombosis: a case reportRajapakse, S.; Gnanajothy, R.D.; Lokunarangoda, N.; Lanerolle, R.
1973Kineiies of electrocrystailisation of calonel in chloride solutions under Potentionstatic conditionsMUNASIRI, BHARDRA
2018A Kinetic Theory Based Model for Dengue TransmissionErandi, K.K.W.H.; Mahasinghe, Anuradha; Perera, S.S.N.
1969Kinetics of charge transfer at strained Copper electrodesFernando, M.J.
1973Kinetics of electrocrystallisation of calomel in chloride solutions under potentiostatic conditionsMunasiri, B.
2012King, Monks and Pre-colonial States: Patrons of the Temple of the Sacred FootprintDe Silva, Premakumara
2021Kirkwood–Buff-Derived Force Field for Peptides and Proteins: Philosophy and Development of KBFF20Ploetz, Elizabeth A.; Karunaweera, Sadish; Bentenitis, Nikolaos; Chen, Feng; Dai, Shu; B. Gee, Moon; Jiao, Yuanfang; Kang, Myungshim; Kariyawasam, Nilusha L.; Naleem, Nawavi; Weerasinghe, Samantha; Smith, Paul E.
2009Knowledge , attituds and practice of medical ethics among medical officers in three teaching hospitals in the Kandy DistrictRanasinghe, A.W.I.P
2000knowledge and attitude about rubella among female garment factory employees in a selected MOH area- MaharaSamaranayake, M.D.A
2004Knowledge and attitude of pregnant women on congenital abnormalitiesJayaweera, L.S.E
2004Knowledge and attitudes about contraception among postnatal mothers at Castle Street Hospital for Women,ColomboWeeraratne, N.S
1997Knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS among secondary school teachers within the Kandy municipal limitsVasudevan, M
2017Knowledge and Attitudes Among Sri Lankan Pre-intern Doctors on Nutritional Assessment and CounselingMathangasinghe, Yasith; Ranasinghe, D; Padeniya, A