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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003e-Learning: Changes in Teaching and Learning StylesWikramanayake, G.N.
2021eaching in the time of COVID -19: Sri Lankan students’ perceptions on learning Chinese characters via online teaching.Kariyawasam, K. B. G. W. S.
2004Early reproduction related events in fertile mothersWeeraratne, M.S
1994Earnings of Sri Lankans an economics analysisDe Silva, A.P.G.S
1990Eco-Physiological Studies on Shade Tolerance in Nine Grain Legume CultivarsLiyanage, Mahipala De Silva
1990Eco-Physiological studies on shade tolerance in nine grain legume cultivarsLiyanage, M. De S.
1991Ecological and ethological studies on cavedwelling bats in Sri LankaYapa, W.B.
2008Ecology and Biology of Sri Lankan BatsYapa, Wipula B; Ratnasooriya, W. D.
11-Jul-2012ECOLOGY AND BIOLOGY OF SRI LANKAN BATSYapa, W.P; Ratnasooriya, W.D.
1999Ecology of ecto-parasites of some cave-dwelling microchiropterans of Sri Lanka"Weerakkody, A.S.A; Randeniya, P.V.; Ratnasooriya, W.D.
2008Ecology of puntius bandula at Galapitamada and Salgaha in the Kegalle district, Sabaragamuwa province, Sri lankaWickremasinghe, R.L.H.R.
2004Ecology of Two Selected Liana Species of Utility Value in a Lowland Rain Forest of Sri Lanka: Implications for ManagementKathriarachchi, Hashendra; Tennakoon, K. U.; Gunatilleke, C. V. S.; Gunatilleke, I. A. U. N.; Ashton, P. M. S.
2018An Economic analysis of the resettlrment of internally displaced persons(IDPs) in the East of Sri LankaJayatilake, D.N.
4-Oct-2011Economic and Socio-Political Perspectives on Indo-Lanka Transport Connectivity through Ferry ServiceGunaruwan, T. Lalithasiri; Dineka, S.K. Imashi
Nov-2012Economic Impact of Rural to Urban Temporary Labour Migration on Farming Communities in Sri LankaRanathunga, P.B.S.
2021The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Sri Lankan migrants in QatarEkanayake, Anoji; Amirthalingam, Kopalapillai
2011Economic Implications of National Defence: Case of Sri LankaJayawardena, M.M.
2008Economic Liberalization and Its Impacts on the Manufacturing Industry in Sri LankaAmirthalingam, Kopalapillai
28-Mar-2017Economic Problem of Women Headed Families after the Civil War: Special Reference with Maritimepettu (Karaithuraipatru) GN DivisionRewathy. K
18-Dec-2019The Economic purpose development of public open space and ecological disruption: A case study with the special reference with Crow Island beach park in ColomboRewathy. K; Hafsa. MNF