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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A. po. sa. (sa. pela) vidyava visayamalava asrita jiva, rasayana ha bhautika amsa kerehi guru-sisu rucikatvaya ha pravinatava pilibanda vimarsanatmaka adhyayanayak(Udugama adhyapana kalapaya asurin) = an inquiry into the teacher-students preference and proficiency on the section of biology, chemistry and physics in the science curriculum of G.C.E.(O/L)Rangajeewa, S.H.
2007A/L GeographyGunathilake, R.N
15-Jun-2015aaaaa, aa
1983Abdominal distension in the Maldivian Shigella epidemic (1982) - an ominous signSheriff, M.H.R.; Ratnajeewa, A.; Perera, S.; Thevaraj; Weliange, L.V.; Mahenthiran
2004Abdominal obesity and its association with selected risk factors of coronary heart disease in an adult population in the district of ColomboArambepola, C
2016Abiotic stress induced over expression of transcription factor OsDREB2A in transgenic local rice variety Bg94-1: its role in improving abiotic stress tolerance in riceDe Silva, W. S. I.
2001ABNORMAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE AND THE FETO-MATERNAL OUTCOMEKaluarachchi, A; DeAlwis, D; Gnanasekeream, R; Gunawdnsa, N; Wijeratne, C N; Seneviratne, H R
2012ABNORMAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE AND THE FETO-MATERNAL OUTCOMEKaluarachchi, A; De Alwis, D; Gnanasekeream, R; Gunawdnsa, N; Wijeratne, C.N; Seneviratne, H.R.
2001Abotion in Sri Lanka (Sinhala medium)de Silva, W. Indralal; Perera, B. Nishanthi
2009Absence of asymptomatic malaria infections in previously high endemic areas of Sri LankaFernando, S.D.; Abeyasinghe, R.R.; Galappaththy, G.N.; Rajapaksa, L.C.
2006Absolute pKa determination for N-phenylbenzohydroxamicSenthilnithy, R.; Gunawardhana, H.D.; Costa, M.D.P. De; Dissanayake, D.P.
2014Abundance of Invasive Alien Plants beside the nature trail the Udawattakele Forest ReserveWijeratne, V.P.I.S.; Dilrukshi, I.A.D.N.; Ranwala, S.M.W.
2012AC-SECM Metal Ion ImagingKaumal, M.N.; Wipf, D.O.
2020Academia and Medical Education in A Post-COVID-19 WorldKarunanayake, Panduka
2002Academic Libraries and Management Information Systems In Sri LankaKuruppu, D.C.
1998Academic Performance and Drop-Out in Sri Lankan UniversitiesKottahachchi, B.D.
1998Academic performance and drop-out in Sri Lankan universitiesKottachchi, B.D.
2012Academic Service Learning for Sensitizing BEd Undergraduates on the Future Professional Role: A Design Based Research InitiativeVithanapathirana, Manjula
1986Acceptance of a genetic service in Sri Lanka: a student view pointJayasekara, R.