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1954Specificity of Lactobacilus fermenti -36 for the Assay of Thiamine 1. FACTORS IN THE GROETH MEDIUM INFLUENCING THE ESSENTIALITY OF THIS VITAMOIN FOR THIS ORGANISMHoover, A.; Shanmuganathan, S. Senthe
1954Some Studies on toxoplasmosis in Ceylon using the Westphal Reaction (a complement fixation test)Kulasiri, Charles
1958Coliform Organisms in Domestic Water Supplies in CeylonKatugampola, D.C,; Assim, T.H.
1958The Rate of Growth of Rats Maintained on Different DietsWikramanayake, T.W.; Hoover, G.D.
1958The Middle Meningeal Artery in ManWaas, M.J.
1958Distribution of A-B-O and M-N Blood Groups among Ceylonese; their significance in Forensic WorkFernado, H.V.J.
1964Fertility Trends in Ceylon 2Abhayarathne, O.E.R.; Jayawardena, C.H.S.
1964Report on a study of Some Freshwater Habitats in Rangoon with Special Reference to the Ecology of Culex pipience fatigansFernando, C.H.
1964Fertility Trends in Ceylon 1Abhayarathne, O.E.R.; Jayawardena, C.H.S.
1965Scientific MedicineKarinarathne, W.A.E.
1965Two New Malaria Parasites, Plasmodium cynomolgi ceylonensis subup. nov. and plasmodium frasite sp. Nov., from Monkeys in CeylonDissanaike, A.S.; Nelson, Pathmathery; Garnham, P.C.C.
Jul-1965Education in Dutch Ceylon 1658-1796 and the Impact of the Dutch Bystem up to about 1805Herat, H.M.P
1966The Estimation of 5-ttydroxytryptamine and Acetylcholine using the isolated Hearts of Geloina erosa and Meretrix Cusoria (Roding)Fernando, W.J.L.; Kottegoda, S.R.
1966Suicide in the Southern ProvinceRarasinghe, H.; Jayawardene, C.H.S.
1966Surgical Correction of Maxillary Protrusion by Ostectomy and OsteotomyBartlett, G.C.
1966Comparison of the organisms causing Diarr hoea in a Children’s Hospital and in Estates.Velaudapillai, T.; Jayasundera, L.B.T.; Nagaratham, W.
1966Injury to TeethThilakaratne, L.; Jayewardene, C.H.S.
1966Retino- Collicular Projection in the RabbitSenevirathne, K.N.
1966Manasonia Crassipes, a Vector of Bird Filarioids in CeylonNiles, W.J.
1966Dental Caries in University StudentsThilakaratne, L.