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203Safety evaluation of Sri Lankan Piper betle leaf extracts in ratsArambewela, L.S.R.; Arawwawala, L.D.A.M.; Ratnasooriya, W.D.
209An Investigation of Critical Success Factors on E-Resource Based Learning: a case study based on the electronic information resources available at the University of Colombo.Millawithanachchi, Urenika Samanthi
210Prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease in two districts of Sri Lanka: a hospital based survey-
1951Fatty Liver Disease of Children in CeylonJayasekera, H.T.W.; Mel, B.V. De; Cullumbine, H.
1951The Histology of the Pituitary and the Adrenal Glands of the Dugong (Dugong Dugung)Fernand, V.S.V.
1951Alteration of paraluic seroreactions in LeprosySchmid, Ekkehard E.; Thillainathan, P.
1951Malaria in the Maha Oya Basin 3Rajendran, S.; Jayewickreme, S.H.
1951Malaria in the Maha Oya Basin 1Rajendran, S.; Jayewickreme, S.H.
1951A National Nutritional Survey in CeylonCullumbine, H.
1951A Description of Some Effects Produced by Residence at Moderate AltitudeCullumbine, H.; Basnayake, V.; Kottegoda, S.R.
1953An Investigation of Rats for Spirochaetes in ColomboLieb, Dr. F.L.
1953Melano flocculation (Henry) and Buffer Precipitation (Wolff) tests their response to artificially produced alterations of the protein fractions of sera by some immunizing agentsSchmid, Ekkehard E.; Chapman, T.E.D.
1953Meinicke (Kvittingen) and Muller Ballung (Clotting) tests in comparison with Standard Kahn Cardiolipin (Kline) testsSchmid, Ekkehard E.; Velaudapillai, T.
1953The Aetiology and Pathology of Uterine Cancer in CeylonCooray, G.H.; Gunasekera, N.D.
1953On the incidence of Salmonella infections among rats in ColomboSchmid, Ekkehard E.; Lieb, F.L.; Velaudapillai, T.
1953On the specificity of Luotest in LeprosySchmid, Ekkehard E.; Thillainathan, P.
1953Microbiological Assay of vitamins 2-RIBOFLAVINHoover, A.A.; Jayasuriya, G.C.N.
1954Specificity of Lactobacilus fermenti -36 for the Assay of Thiamine 1. FACTORS IN THE GROETH MEDIUM INFLUENCING THE ESSENTIALITY OF THIS VITAMOIN FOR THIS ORGANISMHoover, A.; Shanmuganathan, S. Senthe
1954Some Observation on Prostatic Carcinoma in CeylonCooray, G.H.; Panabokke, R.G.; Wijesekera, S.V.J.
1954Some Studies on toxoplasmosis in Ceylon using the Westphal Reaction (a complement fixation test)Kulasiri, Charles