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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The 2001 Population Census of Sri Lanka and its deviation from projected values: Some resultant implications for poverty analysis and the targeting of poverty programmes, Open Forum Poverty, Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), Silva, W. Indralal
2001Abotion in Sri Lanka (Sinhala medium)de Silva, W. Indralal; Perera, B. Nishanthi
1-Mar-1992Achievement of reproductive intentions in Sri Lanka, 1982–1985: a longitudinal studyde Silva, W. Indralal
2003Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in Sri Lanka: Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs, POLICY Projectde Silva, W. Indralal
1990Age at Marriage in Sri Lanka: Stabilizing or Decliningde Silva, W. Indralal
2012The age structure transition and the demographic dividend: An opportunity for rapid economic take-off in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal
2000Ageing risks of the Population in Sri Lanka,Actions Could be Taken for Ageingde Silva, W. Indralal
1994Ahead of Target: Achievement of Replacement Level Fertility in Sri Lanka before the Year 2000de Silva, W. Indralal
1992Are Generalized and Personal Ideal Family Size Preferences Comparable? The Sri Lankan Experiencede Silva, W. Indralal
1-Dec-2010Below to above Replacement:Increased Fertility and its Determinants in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal; Perera, B. Nishanthi; Anuranga, K. Chamara
2007Beyond Twenty Million: Projecting the Population of Sri Lanka 2001-2081de Silva, W. Indralal
2001Biomedical facts and social constructs: The relative attention paid to prenatal and postpartum periods in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal
1992Changes and Impacts of the Age Compositionde Silva, W. Indralal
1996The changing pattern of contraception from 1975-2001: Towards replacement level fertility in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal
1-May-1991Consistency between reproductive preferences and behavior: the Sri Lankan experiencede Silva, W. Indralal
2008Construction and Analysis of National and District Life Tables of Sri Lanka 2000 – 2002de Silva, W. Indralal
2006Contraceptive behaviour of abortion seekers in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal
2000Correlates of Marital Postponement in Sri Lanka, The Journal of Family Welfarede Silva, W. Indralal
2003Demographic and social trends affecting families in the South and Central Asian region, Major Trends Affecting Familiesde Silva, W. Indralal
1997Desired Fertility and Family Planning: Husband and Wife Communication in Sri Lankade Silva, W. Indralal