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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Are We all Equal? Political Theory and Practice of Citizenship (In Sinhalese).Uyangoda, Jayadeva
2007Cricket, Lovely Cricket: Sports in Culture, Class and Nation in Sri LankaUyangoda, Jayadeva
2011Liberal Peace in Question: Politics of State and Market Reform in Sri LankaUyangoda, Jayadeva; Stokke, Kristian
2015Local Government and Local Democracy in Sri Lanka: Institutional and Social DimensionsUyangoda, Jayadeva
2008Matters of Violence: Reflections on the Political and Social Violence in Sri LankaUyangoda, Jayadeva
2011Nation, Nationalism and Nation-State: Political Theory and Practice, - (In Sinhalese)Uyangoda, Jayadeva
2013Politics, Debates and Discourses of State Reform in Sri Lanka: An Annotated BibliographyUyangoda, Jayadeva; Marcelline, Sanayi
2012Reframing Democracy: Perspectives on the Cultures of Inclusion and Exclusion in Contemporary Sri LankaUyangoda, Jayadeva; De Mel, Neloufer
2007Religion in Context: Buddhism and Socio-Political Change in Sri LankaUyangoda, Jayadeva
2010Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Philosophical and Methodological GuideUyangoda, Jayadeva
2011Rulers and Citizens: Political Theory and Practice of the State, - (In Sinhalese)Uyangoda, Jayadeva
2000Sri Lanka’s Conflict: Context and OptionsUyangoda, Jayadeva
2003Sri Lanka’s Peace Process 2002 : Critical PerspectivesUyangoda, Jayadeva; Perera, Morina
2013State Reform in Sri Lanka: Issues, Directions and PerspectivesUyangoda, Jayadeva
2010Writing Research Proposals in the Social Sciences and Humanities: a Theoretical and Practical GuideUyangoda, Jayadeva
2011Writing Research Proposals in the Social Sciences and Humanities: a Theoretical and Practical Guide, -( In Sinhalese)Uyangoda, Jayadeva