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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analyzing the Reliability of a Personal Computer System using Fault Tree AnalysisRajapaksha, A.; Sunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2013Estimating Reliability and predicting warranty of an electronic device with multiple failure modes.Sunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2015Joint modeling of a survival and a count responseSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2016Joint Modeling of Mortality Incidence and SurvivalSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2014Modeling Monthly Coconut Prices in Sri Lanka using Non-Linear Time Series ModelsPriyadarshani, G. A. C. N.; Tilakaratne, C. D.; Sunethra, A. A.; Oshani, D. K.
2016A novel approach for jointly modeling survival times and recurrent episodes of disease progressionSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2016Sandwich Variance Estimation for random effect misspecification in Generalized Linear Mixed ModelsSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2014A Simulation Study of the Properties of the F-test for Type III Fixed Effects in Binary Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs)Sunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2014A Study on Selecting the Best Batsmen for the Next One-Day International Cricket Match: In Sri Lankan ContextPerera, M. S.; Attygalle, D. T.; Sunethra, A. A.
2016Use of Sandwich Variance Estimation in Generalized Linear Mixed Models: for Binary Repeated Mesures DataSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2014Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Jointly Modeling Multivariate Longitudinal Data and Discrete Time-To-Event Data: Application to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis DataSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2015Using robust variance estimation in mixed models: a reviewSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2013Variance Corrected Proportional Hazard Model for the Analysis of Recurrent Multiple Failure ModesAmarasinghe, N. S.; Sunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2011Variance-Corrected Proportional Hazard Models for the Analysis of Multiple Failures in Personal ComputersSunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.