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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Adjusting for a cluster effect in the Logistic Regression Model : An illustration of theory and its application.Jayatilleke, R.V.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Senerathna, D.L.P.
2015Analyzing the Reliability of a Personal Computer System using Fault Tree AnalysisRajapaksha, A.; Sunethra, A. A.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2014Automated Statistical Information System (ASIS) for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Life-threatening Viral Diseases.Ratnayake, G.I.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2015Bivariate Test for testing the average areas under correlated receiver operating characteristic curvesSeneratna, D.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Meyen, A.N.
2018Comparability of the Effect of Re-Scrutinizing on Two University Selection Methods, ZScore and Common Currency Index (CCI) Method in Sri LankaYatapana, P.S.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2017A comparative study of generalized linear mixed modelling and artificial neural network approach for the joint modelling of survival and incidence of Dengue patients in Sri LankaHapudoda, J.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2021A comparison of Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in a multilevel scenarioRasan, Darshika; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Pinto, Vimukthini
2017Comparison of methods for analyzing binary repeated measures data: A simulation-based study comparison of methods for binary repeated measuresGawarammana, M. B. M. B. K.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2021Comparison of methods of estimation for a goodness of fit test – an analytical and simulation studyPinto, Vimukthini; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2019Comparison of Methods of Estimation for Use in Goodness of Fit Tests for Binary Multilevel ModelsPinto, V.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2017Competing Risk Model for Dengue Epidemiology in Sri Lanka : Modeling Length of Stay in HospitalKarunarathna, G.H.S.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2007Compliance for single and multiple dose regimens of superactivated charcoal: A prospective study of patients in a clinical trialMohamed, F.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Senarathna, L.; Azhar, S.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Buckley, N.A.; Eddleston, M.
2007Compliance for single and multiple dose regimes of superactivated charcoal: a prospective study of patients in a clinical trialMohamad, F.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Senarathna, L.; Azhar, S.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Buckley, N.A.; Eddleston, M.
2007Design and analysis techniques for many-to-many matched case-control studies: An illustration using the Ille-et-Vilaine database for esophageal cancerKuruppumullage, P.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2011Determinants of Poverty in Sri LankaDeepawansa, M.D.D.D.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.; Wickremasinghe, W.N.
2012Determining the Sensitivity and Specificity of a Substitute Test as a Diagnostic for its Gold Standard in the presence of Severe Missingness.Senerathne, D.M.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2020Developing a goodness of fit test for a joint model of clustered survival and count dataAdikari, N.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2017Developing a Surrogate Endpoint for AIDS Clinical TrialsSamarasekara, C.K.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2020The development of a goodness-of-fit test for high level binary multilevel models.Fernando, G.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.
2011Diagnostics for matched case control studies : SAS macro for Proc LogisticViswakula, S.D.; Sooriyarachchi, M.R.