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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Abdominal distension in the Maldivian Shigella epidemic (1982) - an ominous signSheriff, M.H.R.; Ratnajeewa, A.; Perera, S.; Thevaraj; Weliange, L.V.; Mahenthiran
2004Acute Human Self-Poisoning with the N-Phenylpyrazole Insecticide Fipronil -A GABAA-Gated Chloride Channel BlockerMohamed, F.; Senarathna, L.; Percy, A.; Abeyewardene, M.; Eaglesham, G.; Cheng, R.; Azher, S.; Hittarage, A.; Dissanayake, W.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Davies, W.; Buckley, N.A.; Eddleston, M.
1996Acute peritoneal dialysis in the National Hospital of Sri Lanka - a study of complicationsWanigasuriya, K.; Hakeem, L.; Athukorale, S.D.; Perera, J.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
17-Feb-2012Acute yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) poisoning: cardiac arrhythmias, electrolyte disturbances, and serum cardiac glycoside concentrations on presentation to hospitalEddleston, M.; Ariaratnam, C.A.; Sjöström, L.; Jayalath, S.; Rajakanthan, K.; Rajapakse, S.; Colbert, D.; Meyer, W.P.; Perera, G.; Attapattu, S.; Kularatne, S.A.M.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Warrell, D.A.
2008Adult health promotion record (AHPR) - a tool for prevention of lifestyle related epidemic chronic diseasesKatulanda, P.; Wickramasinghe, K.; Ranasinghe, D.C.; Matthews, D.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
1983Aggravating and relieving factors in irritable bowel syndromeWijesiriwardena, B.C.; Jayasuriya, U.K.M.; Samarasekera, D.N.; Jayasinghe, K.S.A.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Dharmadasa, K.
2008Alcohol consumption among adults in Sri Lanka - prevalence, pattern and underlying factorsKarunaratne, K.G.N.S.; Wickramasinghe, K.; Katulanda, P.; Mahesh, J.G.; Rathnapala, D.A.V.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
1984Aminoglycoside in advanced renal failureAthukorale, S.D.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
1984Aminoglycoside use in advanced renal failureAthukorale, S.D.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
1986Anaesthesia for kidney transplantationWijesekera, S.A.; Attygalle, G.M.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2000Anti-digoxin Fab fragments in cardiotoxicity induced by ingestion of yellow oleander: a randomised controlled trialEddleston, M.; Rajapakse, S.; Rajakanthan; Jayalath, S.; Sjöström, L.; Santharaj, W.S.; Thenabadu, P.N.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Warrell, D.A.
2001Antibodies to hepatitis C virus in patients who have had multiple transfusions in Sri LankaFernando, S.; Fernando, S.D.D.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Vitarana, U.T.
2010Apolipoproteins in diabetes dyslipidaemia in South Asians with young adult-onset diabetes: distribution, associations and patternsKatulanda, G.W.; Katulanda, P.; Adler, A.I.; Peiris, S.R.; Draisey, I.; Wijeyaratne, S.M.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Shine, B.
1983An assessment of the renal biopsy technique in the university medical unit, ColomboDe Mel, W.C.P.; Jayasinghe, K.S.A.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Dharmadasa, K.
2009Association of body height with diabetes, blood pressure and metabolic syndrome among Sri Lankan adultsRanasinghe, P.; Jayawardena, M.A.N.A.A.D.; Ganegoda, U.A.; Constantine, G.R.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Katulanda, P.
1994Atypical presentation of malaria in Sri Lanka associated with chloroquine resistanceAlles, H.K.; De Silva, D.; Naotunna, T.D.S.; Pathirana, P.P.S.L.; Jayasinghe, S.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Mendis, K.N.
2003Biochemical and toxicological study of venom of Sri Lankan cobraSheriff, M.H.R.; Gunasekera, A.D.S.; Sirimanne, S.R.; Ariaratnam, C.A.; Karunanayake, E.H.
1986Biochemical monitoring following transplantationSheriff, M.H.R.
1985Blood pressure and weight changes during chronic haemodialysis in Sri Lankan patientsDe Mel, W.C.P.; Sheriff, M.H.R.
2010Body fat prevalence and its association with metabolic risk factors among patients with adult onset young diabetes in Sri LankaJayawardena, M.A.R.; De Vas Gunawardena, A.N.P.; Katulanda, G.W.; Sheriff, M.H.R.; Matthews, D.R.; Gardiyarachchi, N.S.; Katulanda, P.