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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Acute yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) poisoning: cardiac arrhythmias, electrolyte disturbances, and serum cardiac glycoside concentrations on presentation to hospitalEddleston, M.; Ariaratnam, A. C.; Sjöström, L.; Jayalath, S.; Rajakanthan, K.; Rajapakse, S.; Colbert, D.; Meyer, W. P.; Perera, G.; Attapattu, S.; Kularatne, S. A. M.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Warrell, D. A.
2008Adult health promotion record (AHPR) - a tool for prevention of lifestyle related epidemic chronic diseasesKatulanda, P.; Wickramasinghe, K.; Ranasinghe, D. C.; Matthews, D. R.; Sheriff, M. H. R.
2008Alcohol consumption among adults in Sri Lanka - prevalence, pattern and underlying factorsKarunaratne, K. G. N. S.; Wickramasinghe, K.; Katulanda, P.; Mahesh, J. G.; Rathnapala, D. A. V.; Constantine, G. R.; Sheriff, M. H. R.
2010Apolipoproteins in diabetes dyslipidaemia in South Asians with young adult-onset diabetes: distribution, associations and patternsKatulanda, G. W.; Katulanda, P.; Adler, A. I.; Peris, S. R.; Draisey, I.; Wijeratne, S.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Matthews, D. R.; Shine, Brian
2009Association of body height with diabetes, blood pressure and metabolic syndrome among Sri Lankan adultsRanasinghe, P.; Jayawardena, M. A. N. A. A. D.; Ganegoda, U. A.; Constantine, G. R.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Matthews, D. R.; Katulanda, P.
2009Cardiac ischaemia and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in electrocardiographs (ECGs) and their correlates among Sri Lankan adultsCaldera, T. S. K. R. D.; Liyanage, I. K.; Herath, H. R. I. S.; Constantine, G. R.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Matthews, D. R.; Katulanda, P.
2006Choice of Poison for Intentional Self-Poisoning in Rural Sri LankaEddleston, M.; Karunaratne, A.; Weerakoon, M.; Kumarasinghe, S.; Rajapakse, M.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Gunell, D.
2009A comparative study on pregnancy outcomes and contraceptive use in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and those with rheumatoid arthritis or no chronic illnessGalappatthy, P.; Jayasinghe, D. J. D.; Paththinige, C. S.; Wijeratne, L.; Sheriff, M. H. R.
2009Comparison of apolipoproteins B and A1 in people with versus without metabolic syndromeKatulanda, G. W.; Katulanda, P.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Matthews, D. R.; Brian, S.
2003Deaths due to absence of an affordable antitoxin for plant poisoning.Eddleston, M.; Senarathna, L.; Mohamed`, F.; Buckley, N.; Juszczak, E.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Rajakanthan, K.
1999Descriptive study of SLE patients followed up in the University of Colombo Lupus Research ClinicGalappatthy, P.; Wazeel, A. N.; Kudalugoda Arachchi, J.; Mezamia, N.; Fernando, S. S. D.; Sheriff, M. H. R.
2008Development and validation of a risk score for targeted screening of prevalent diabetes among adults in Sri LankaKatulanda, P.; Hill, N.; Thilakarathne, K. W. A. S.; Mahesh, J. G.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Matthews, D. R.
1986Effect of Momordica charantia on the glucose tolerance in maturity onset diabetesWelihinda, J.; Karunanayake, E. H.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Jayasinghe, K. S. A.
2008Frequent and potentially fatal envenoming by hump-nosed pit vipers (Hypnale hypnale and H. nepa) in Sri Lanka: lack of effective antivenomAriaratnam, C. A.; Thuraisingam, V.; Kularatne, S. A. M.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Theakston, R. D. G.; De Silva, A.; Warrell, D.
2007The hazards of gastric lavage for intentional self-poisoning in a resource poor locationEddleston, M.; Haggalla, S.; Reginald, K.; Sudarshan, K.; Senthilkumaran, M.; Karalliedde, L.; Ariaratnam, C. A.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Warrell, D. A.; Buckley, N. A.
1996Heart rate variability in diabetic autonomic neuropathySiribaddana, S. H.; Suranimala, A. C.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Fernando, D. J. S.
1983Hepatic granulomata in pyrexia of unknown origin in Sri LankaDe Mel, W. C. P.; Wijesiriwardena, B. C.; Jayasinghe, K. S. A.; Amarasekera, L. R.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Dharmadasa, K.
1983Hyperparathyroidism with a giant parathyroid tumour with capsular infiltrationDe Mel, W. C. P.; Casinader, M.; Wijesiriwardena, B. C.; Sheriffdeen, A. H.; Sheriff, M. H. R.
2007The importance of poisoning vs. road traffic injuries as a cause of death in rural Sri LankaEddleston, M.; Udayakumara, N.; Adhikari, S.; De Silva, D.; Sheriff, M. H. R.; Waidyaratne, D. L.
2000Incidence of cough with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in Sri Lankan populationHewamanne, B. S. L.; Constantine, G. R.; Liyanarachchi, T.; Rajapakse, S.; Sheriff, M. H. R.