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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Absolute pKa determination for N-phenylbenzohydroxamicSenthilnithy, R.; Gunawardhana, H.D.; Costa, M.D.P. De; Dissanayake, D.P.
2008Fluorescence quenching and bonding properties of some hydroxamic acid derivatives by iron(III) and manganese(II)Senthilnithy, R.; Costa, M.D.P. De; Gunawardhana, H.D.
2021Identify the effect of As(III) on the structural stability of monomeric PKM2 and its carcinogenicity: A molecular dynamics and QM/MM based approachPaligaspe, Priyani; Weerasinghe, Samantha; Dissanayake, D.P.; Senthilnithy, R.
2006In situ determination of copper (II) and cobalt (II) using adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry with hydroxamic acid modified carbon paste electrodeSenthilnithy, R.; Costa, M.D.P. De; Gunawardhana, H.D.
2021In-silico investigation to predict the potential of HDAC inhibitors to inhibit the HDLP enzyme: A molecular dynamics studyDushanan, R.; Weerasinghe, S.; Dissanayake, D. P.; Senthilnithy, R.
2021Molecular dynamics study on the effect of As(III) ion on human uracil DNA glycosylase enzymePaligaspe, Priyani; Weerasinghe, S.; Dissanayake, D. P.; Senthilnithy, R.
2008The pK value of ligands and stability constants of the complexes of Fe(III), Cu(II) Ni(II) with some hydroxamic acids: a comparative study of three diifferent potentiometric methodsSenthilnithy, R.; Costa, M.D.P. De; Gunawardhana, H.D.
2006Potentiometric, spectroscopic and voltammetric studies on the complex formation of Iron(111), Copper(11) and Nickel(11) with substituted Hydroxamic Acid type ligandsSenthilnithy, R.
2006Potentiometric, Spectroscopic and Voltammetric Studies on the Complex Formation of Iron(III), Copper(II) and Nickel(II) with Substituted Hydroxamic Acid Type LigandsSenthilnithy, R.