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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Adverse effects of a modified regime of intravenous desferrioxamineSenanayake, M. P.; De Silva, W. D. J.; Lamabadusuriya, S. P.
2004The air we breathe: is it safe for children?Senanayake, M. P.
2004Birth of immunisationSenanayake, M. P.
2011Blister beetle dermatitis: A seasonal occurrenceSenanayake, M. P.; Jayasena, Arundathi; Varathan, Vanathy; Kamaladeepan, S.
2004Blood lead levels of children before and after introduction of unleaded petrolSenanayake, M. P.; Rodrigo, M. D. A.; Malkanthi, R.
2008Caring for children with Down syndrome: a medical checklistSenanayake, M. P.
2004A case of hereditary persistence of fetal haemoglobinSenanayake, M. P.; Ratnaweera, Dumindu H; Lamabadusuriya, S. P.
2002A case of near-drowning: are safety standards in sports adequate?Senanayake, M. P.; Ajanthan, R.; Aluthge, P.
2010A case of possible familial Guillain-Barre syndromeSenanayake, M. P.; Wanigasinghe, J.; Gamaethige, N.; Dissanayake, P.
2008Childhood case histories that may have misled youSenanayake, M. P.
2006The "choking game":self-strangulation with a belt & clothes rackSenanayake, M. P.; chandraratne, K. A. S.; De Silva, T. U. N.
2010Chronic intrathoracic gastric volvulusSenanayake, M. P.; Dissanayake, P. V.; Kumarasinghe, G.; Goonaratne, I. N. A.
2003Cognitive development of lead-exposed children near Borella junctionSenanayake, M. P.; Sumanasena, S. P.
2006Computer usage by paediatricians in Sri LankaSenanayake, M. P.
2004Dancing eyes and dancing feet syndromeSenanayake, M. P.; Sumanasena, S. P.
2006Finnish type congenital nephrotic syndrome in a Sri Lankan neonateSenanayake, M. P.; Wanigasingh, J.; De Silva, M. V. C.
2002Gatherings from graveyards not bones, or forensic work but epitaphsSenanayake, M. P.
2003Health messages on postage stampsSenanayake, M. P.
2008How a social worker could alleviate psychosocial problems of families accessing a child development clinic in ColomboSlee, Verity; Senanayake, S. M.; Senanayake, M. P.
2011How gender and child sensitive was the relief received after the tsunami?Senanayake, M. P.; Ranawaka, Chinthana; Fernanado, Manisha