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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adding altmetric doughnut: proposal to increase author visibility on University repositories in Sri LankaRavikumar, M.N.; Ramanan, T.
2022Analysis of the library website at University of Colombo from user perspectives: a case studySilva, M.A.L.; Ramanan, T.; Kuruppu, D.C.
2023Evaluating some key features of systematic reviews on PubMed with Sri Lankan affiliations from 2013 to 2022Perera, K.K.N.L.; Kuruppu, D.C.; Ramanan, T.
2022Factors affecting the Use of Information by Visually Impaired Students: With Special reference to the Library, University of ColomboLankathilake, M.A.; Ramanan, T.
2023Factors influencing digital literacy skills among visually impaired undergraduates: a qualitative analysis of viewpoints of academic staffLankathilake, M.A.; Ramanan, T.
2022Investigating the use of online information resources by visually impaired undergraduates during the pandemic period: a case study at University of ColomboLankathilake, M.A.; Ramanan, T.; Perera, W.P.G.L.
2010University Library Consortium: A Tool for Resource-Sharing among University Libraries which are coming under the authority of the University Grants Commission, Sri LankaRamanan, T.
2023Use of digital information resources and digital assistive devices by the undergraduates with visual impairmentsLankathilake, M.A.; Ramanan, T.
2021Visualizing the authorship and keywords relationships on Environmental Science publications based on SLJOL from 2016-2020Lankathilake, M.A.; Ramanan, T.