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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Analgesia and sedation induced by Mucuna prurita seeds in ratsRatnasoonya, W.D.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Dharmasiri, M.G.
2010Assessing the impact of crops on regional CO2 fluxes and atmospheric concentrationsCorbin, K.D.; Denning, A. S.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Schuh, A. E.; Miles, N. L.; Davis, K. J.; Rishardson, S.; Baker, I. T.
2016Carbon and energy fluxes in cropland ecosystems: a modeldata comparisonLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Denning, A. S.; Schaefer, K.; Ricciuto, D.; Anderson, R.; Arain, M. A.; Baker, I.; Barr, A. G.; Chen, G.; Chen, J. M.; Ciais ., P.; Cook, D. R.; Dietze, M.; Maayar, M. El; Fischer, M.; Grant, R.; Hollinger, D.; Izaurralde, C.; Jain, A.; Kucharik, C.; Li, Z.; Liu, S.; L. Li, L.; Matamala, R.; Peylin, P.; Price, D.; Running, S. W.; Sahoo, A.; Sprintsin, M.; Suyker, A. E.; Tian, H.; Tonitto, C.; Torn, M.; Verbeeck, Hans; Verma, S. B.; Xue, Y.
2010Carbon balances in US croplands during the last two decades of the twentieth centuryLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Paustian, K.; Easter, M.; Williams, S.; Andre´n, O.; Ka¨tterer, T.
2011Characterizing the performance of ecosystem models across time scales: A spectral analysis of the North American Carbon Program site-level synthesisDietze, Michael C.; Vargas, Rodrigo; Richardson, Andrew D.; Stoy, Paul C.; Barr, Alan G.; Anderson, Ryan S.; Arain, M. Altaf; Baker, Ian T.; Black, T. Andrew; Chen, Jing M.; Ciais, Philippe; Flanagan, Lawrence B.; Gough, Christopher M.; Grant, Robert F.; Hollinger, David; Izaurralde, R. Cesar; Kucharik, Christopher J.; Lafleur, Peter; Liu, Shugang; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Luo, Yiqi; Munger, J. William; Peng, Changhui; Poulter, Benjamin; Price, David T.; Ricciuto, Daniel M.; Riley, William J.; Sahoo, Alok Kumar; Schaefer, Kevin; Suyker, Andrew E.; Tian, Hanqin; Tonitto, Christina; Verbeeck, Hans; Verma, Shashi B.; Wang, Weifeng; Weng, Ensheng
2020Climate-Smart Initiatives in Sri Lankan Agriculture Sector: Experience and Perspectives in Solar Powered Water Pumping for Sustainable Crop ProductionRotawewa, Bandara; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.
2007Deriving Comprehensive County-Level Crop Yield and Area Data for U.S. CroplandLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Breidt, F. Jay; Lokupitiya, Ravindra; Williams, Steve; Paustian, Keith
2018Energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with tea and rubber manufacturing processes in Sri LankaVidanagama, J.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.
2021Estimation of Soil Carbon Stocks of Urban Freshwater Wetlands in the Colombo Ramsar Wetland City and their Potential Role in Climate Change MitigationDayathilake, D.D.T.L.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Wijeratne, V.P.I.S.
2020Evaluation of best management practices with greenhouse gas benefits for salt-affected paddy soils in South AsiaLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Agrawal, Madhoolika; Ahamed, Tofyel; Mustafa, Naveed; Ahmed, Bashir; Vathani, Archana; Opatha, Kaushala; Jaiswal, Bhavna; Singh, Suruchi; Seneviratne, Gamini; Sirisena, DN; Paustian, Keith
2018Impact of extreme weather events on coconut productivity in three climatic zones of Sri LankaPathmeswaran, C.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Waidyarathne, K.P.; Lokupitiya, R.S.
2009Incorporation of crop phenology in Simple Biosphere Model (SiBcrop) to improve land-atmosphere carbon exchanges from croplandsLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Denning, S.; Paustian, K.; Baker, I.; Schaefer, K.; Verma, S.; Meyers, T.; Bernacchi, C. J.; Suyker, A.; Fischer, M.
2021Threshold rainfall ranges for landslide occurrence in Matara district of Sri Lanka and findings on community emergency preparednessKalubowila, P.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Halwatura, D.; Jayathissa, G.
2010Use of AVHRR NDVI time series and ground-based surveys for estimating county-level crop biomassLokupitiya, E.Y.K.; Lefsky, M.; Paustian, K.
2021Using Weather Patterns to Forecast Electricity Consumption in Sri Lanka: An ARDL ApproachPriyadarshana, A.D.A.D.; Lokupitiya, R.S; Kuruppuarachchi, D.; Lokupitiya, E.Y.K.