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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Does the quality of life connect with an individual’s nature connectedness and per capita greenhouse gas emission? A preliminary studySomarathe, E. A. S. K.; Gunathunga, M. W.; Lokupitiya, E.
7-Mar-2000Effects of increased nitrogen deposition on soil nematodes in alpine tundra soilsLokupitiya, E.; Stanton, N. L.; Seville, R. S.; Snider, J. R.
2020Estimation of aboveground and belowground carbon stocks in urban freshwater wetlands of Sri LankaDayathilake, D.D.T.L.; Lokupitiya, E.; Wijeratne, V.P.I.S.
2021Estimation of Soil Carbon Stocks of Urban Freshwater Wetlands in the Colombo Ramsar Wetland City and their Potential Role in Climate Change MitigationDayathilake, D.D.T.L.; Lokupitiya, E.; Wijeratne, V.P.I.S.
4-Nov-2013Evaluating the agreement between measurements and models of net ecosystem exchange at different times and timescales using wavelet coherence: an example using data from the North American Carbon Program Site-Level Interim SynthesisStoy, P. C.; Dietze, M. C.; Richardson, A. D.; Vargas, R.; Barr, A. G.; Anderson, R. S.; Arain, M. A.; Baker, I. T.; Black, T. A.; Chen, J. M.; Cook, R. B.; Gough, C. M.; Grant, R. F.; Hollinger, D. Y.; Izaurralde, R. C.; Kucharik, C. J.; Lafleur, P.; Law, B. E.; Liu, S.; Lokupitiya, E.; Luo, Y.; Munger, J. W.; Peng, C.; Poulter, B.; Price, D. T.; Ricciuto, D. M.; Riley, W. J.; Sahoo, A. K.; Schaefer, K.; Schwalm, C. R.; Tian, H.; Verbeeck, H.; Weng, E.
2021Salinity levels in costal saline paddy areas of Jaffna and Mannar districtsVathani, A. S. A; Lokupitiya, E.