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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Activity of cloud-to-ground lightning observed in Sri Lanka and in surrounding area of the Indian OceanWeerasekera, A.B.; Sonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Liyanage, J.P.; Lelwala, R.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2011Annual Research Proceedings, University of Colombo held on June 2011Thiruparan, B.; Kumara, D.M.D.D.P.; Jayaweera, H.H.E.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2010Development of a maximum power point tracking system for solar lighting applicationsPeiris, T. C.; Sonnadara, D.U.J.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2014Distrib ution of the v ibration effect within the stacked boxes during vehicular road transportation of tomatoesRanatunga, C.L.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Suraweera, S.K.K; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2009Effect of measurement of non-destructive firmness on Tomato quality and comparison with destructive methodsRanatunga, C.L.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Suraweera, S.K.K.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2011Electronic Implementation of Sun AlgorithmSuraweera, S.K.K.; Jayaweera, H.H.E; Thiruparan, B.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2008Evaluation of Finger-Feel Firmness as a Subjective Measurement of Tomato Quality Degradation in the Retail MarketRanatunga, C.L.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2010Feasibility study to identify human plasma proteins using Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometryKottahachchi, D.U.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2015Laboratory simulation of vibration effects met at vehicular road transportation of fruits and vegetablesRanatunga, C.L.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Suraweera, S.K.K.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2001Measurements of lightning peak currents in the first return stroke of negative cloud to ground flashesWeerasekera, A.B.; Sonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Lelwala, R.; Ariyaratne, T.R.; Liyanage, J.P.
1999On the accuracy of locating lightning ground flashes using two or more direction finding stationsSonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Namasivayam, S.; Jayaratne, K.P.S.C.; Bandara, K.R.A.; Lelwala, R.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Gomes, C.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2015Photodiode monitors avocado with the help of LEDsHiran H. E. Jayaweera; Suraweera, S. K. K.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
1998Preliminary results of implementing an automated system in Sri Lanka to locate lighting ground flashesSonnadara, D.U.J.; Ariyaratne, T.R.; Jayaratne, K.P.S.C.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Namasivayam, S.
1999The Role of Site Selection on Localizing Ground Flashes in an Automated Lightning Detection NetworkSonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Namasivayam, S.; Ariyaratne, T.R.; Jayaratne, K.P.S.C.
2011Server Room Monitoring System Capa ble of Remote Status Querying and Remote AdministratingKumara, D.M.D.D.P.; Thiruparan, B.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2002Some Properties of Lightning Ground Flashes Observed in and around Sri Lanka, and their Seasonal VariationsLiyanage, J.P.; Sonnadara, D.U.J.; Fernando, I.M.K.; Weerasekera, A.B.; Lelwala, R.; Ariyaratne, T.R.
2009Thin-layer drying of some Sri Lankan paddy varieties under low humid conditionsShyamali, A.K.; Hiran H. E. Jayaweera; Ariyaratne, T.R.