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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Leflunomide is equally efficacious and safe compared to low dose rituximab in refractory rheumatoid arthritis given in combination with methotrexate: results from a randomized double blind controlled clinical trialWijesinghe, Harindu; Galappatthy, Priyadharshini; de Silva, Rajiva; Seneviratne, Suranjith L.; Saravanamuttu, Ushagowry; Udagama, Preethi; Hart, Melanie; Kelleher, Peter; Senerath, Upul; Fernandopulle, Rohini; Weerasekera, Lilani P.; Wijayaratne, Lalith S.
2020Prevention of re-establishment of malaria: historical perspective and future prospectsNasir, S. M. Ibraheem; Amarasekara, Sachini; Wickremasinghe, Renu; Udagama, Preethi; Fernando, Deepika
2019Promoter Hypermethylation of Tumor-Suppressor Genes p16INK4a, RASSF1A, TIMP3, and PCQAP/MED15 in Salivary DNA as a Quadruple Biomarker Panel for Early Detection of Oral and Oropharyngeal CancersLiyanage, Chamikara; Wathupola, Asanga; Muraleetharan, Sanjayan; Perera, Kanthi; Punyadeera, Chamindie; Udagama, Preethi
2019Selected serum cytokines and nitric oxide as potential multi-marker biosignature panels for Parkinson disease of varying durations: a case-control studyRathnayake, Dilini; Chang, Thashi; Udagama, Preethi
2021Validation of mathematically modeled serological data to compare malaria transmission intensities between two previous high malaria endemic districts in Sri Lanka under the prevention of re-establishment phaseAryachandra, Uvindu; Adhikari, Dilshan; Viswakula, Sameera; Wickremasinghe, Renu; Fernando, Deepika; Udagama, Preethi