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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2020Individual, Spousal Factors and Work–Family Conflict: A Study from Sri LankaPerera, J. K. S. Chrisangika; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
2015Integration of the Rational, Political and Justice Models of Performance Appraisals: The case of the Sri Lankan Public SectorThennakoon, D.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
28-Feb-2014The interactive effects of leader–member exchange, gender and spouse's gender role orientation on work interference with family conflictKailasapathy, Pavithra; Kraimer, Maria L.; Metz, Isabel
2021It’s my luck: impostor fears, the context, gender and achievement-related traitsKumar, S.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra; Mudiyanselage, A. S.
Dec-2012A Model of Employee Engagement for Service OrganisationsKailasapathy, Pavithra; Jayasinghe, C. B.
2021Prevention of sexual harassment in Organisations: Evidence from Sri Lanka.Adikaram, A.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Aug-2008A study of work-family conflict: The role of exchange relationships and genderKailasapathy, Pavithra; Metz, I; Kraimer, M
2-Aug-2020To engage or not? Antecedents of employee engagement in Sri Lanka.Logendran, Mayuran; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
2021What not to do: (In)justice enactment in handling sexual harassment complaints.Adikaram, A.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
2021Why Do Only Some People Blow the Whistle? A Multi-Theoretical PerspectiveEdirisinghe, C.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
2017Women in Information Technology in Sri Lanka: Careers and ChallengesAdikaram, A.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Oct-2016Women in IT in Sri Lanka: Balancing work and familyKailasapathy, Pavithra; Adikaram, A
Aug-2011Work-family conflict in Sri Lanka: Negotiations of exchange relationships in family and at workKailasapathy, Pavithra; Metz, I
2021Work-life balance of women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.Siyam, N.; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
13-Dec-2012Work–Family Conflict in Sri Lanka: Negotiations of Exchange Relationships in Family and at WorkKailasapathy, Pavithra; Metz, Isabel